Drowning out the static

One of my hopes for this trip was to escape the hecticity of our modern way of life. To be disconnected from the latest tweets of presumptive nominees and the constant din of media. 

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of a loon laughing in the distance. I heard an owl in the tree. I saw him and he saw me. I heard the call of the thrush and the croonk of a raven. I went to bed with so many fish jumping I thought it was raining. 

But these are few and far between. The waters and the islands are swarmed with runabouts and zodiacs with oversized outboards. There is a deafening din of noise protruding from our insatiable desire to hurry up and relax. 

I have a friend who uses the term “power recreating” to describe the amazing quantity of gas consuming devices. Even in the most pristine environments, I see a lot of boats with more engines than people. The main boat might have two diesels, a bow thruster, and a generator. They would have to have a dinghy with an outboard. And then they often tow their fishing skiff with a 75 horse outboard and a 15 horse kicker. And there are probably two people aboard. I feel bad for them in a way. They are out looking for peace but they have to change the oil on six different engines. 


2 thoughts on “Drowning out the static

  1. I just found your blog from a post on Art Of Hookie. Very good writing, clear and spare. Photos are interesting and draw the eyes. A few more details would be nice; who are you, where are you? Well done. If you ever write a book I could spend a Sunday with it, a plate of bread and cheese and some good microbrew. Thanks.
    Gary in Bellingham

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