Oh, the places you’ll go

Sometimes I really have to count my blessings for the experiences I’ve had.  As a new dad, it’s easy to get trapped in the idea that life feels so limited by time constraints and what a baby can do, but I’ve had some good fortunes in life, and I’ve been able to see a lot of places that a lot of people only dream of.

We carry our home with us on our little ship.  It takes us wherever we want to go.  And small, though it may be, it’s a wonderfully warm feeling to have the whole family together in one place.  No separate rooms to run off to, no lawn to mow, nothing to get in the way of being a family.

Plus my little boy is the best kid a dad could ever ask for. He takes it as it comes and never seems to mind waking up in a totally different place. 

img_2980He doesn’t seem to mind the rain and he thinks it’s funny when it’s windy. 


But most of all I think he likes it best when we’re all together – dad is never too far away on a 26 foot little sailboat. 


2 thoughts on “Oh, the places you’ll go

  1. Since the beginning of time I’ve always dreamed of raising a small family on a small sailboat, beautiful post. I think where so many cruising family’s go wrong “in my very humble opinion” is that they think they need a huge sailboat for family cruising. For me the small spaces and closeness are what makes the bond so strong. Not the same thing but I did a two week cruise on Sookie with 4 adults, still goes down on record as one of the best experiences of my life, it was so sad when the trip ended. I haven’t been fortunate to have kids in this life but if I did, I’d do it just like you are. Debt free, a few safe investments and a small safe paid for boat, you can never get this time of your life back so take as much as you can get, in the blink of an eye Henry will be off to college and that boat will feel a bit too large and empty inside.

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