The end of the off season

It’s been a busy off season for us. Lots of projects but not a lot of time to write about it. 

I finally finished carving in the name plates and then we painted the bulwarks, cove stripes and top sides. That’s been about six years overdue. 

Fiddlehead has a new tune to her rig. After visiting with Carol Hasse and talking to pt rigging we took a dramatic amount of bend and rake out of the mast – just in time for shipwright’s regatta. The wind was light and it was nice to feel the main powered up. 

I also spliced a new style of lazy jacks and soft shackles out of Amsteel. I don’t have any photos of the lazy jacks, but they’ve been absolutely great. I wrote about the design awhile back, and it’s worked out exactly as I hoped. It makes it super easy to tuck the lazy jacks alongside the boom and clear the way for the trys’l or our new sun awning. 

Now I’m racing to finish the forepeak.  I’ve blasted everything out with the hope of rebuilding to meet our needs a little better. 
We wanted a Pullman style berth, a composting toilet, laundry, shower, hanging locker, a seat to sit on, book shelves, and better stowage for fenders and lines. We also wanted to make it easier to pull the anchor chain back to the mast. Now that we have 250′ the effect of the weight is more pronounced. 

I’m excited about this idea for a reading nook too. It will fit in the location of the original hanging locker, but I’ll make the seat fold up to make stowage for things like strollers that we would only use ashore. Once we’re anchored or docked, it can go back to being a little reading spot. It’s nice to have a little getaway when you’re living in a tiny space with the whole family. 

There’s a long way to go before launching, but we’ll keep plugging away and eventually…


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