Shook up Shakedown

Well, I finally finished our forepeak. Not finished per se, but we have a place to sleep, cook, keep food cool, and a new composting toilet. Paint, varnish and cedar ceilings can wait. 

Now I can run my chain aft to the mast, I have a small battery to charge phones and such, there’s a locker specifically for fenders and lines and another one for wetsuit and snorkels, AND and a spot for my toolbox. 

I’ll work on rerouting the hose later. 

The first Shakedown went just fine actually, port townsend to Bellingham – sailed past Boulevard Park as the sun was setting. 

But then it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Well, more like 96,000 pounds of bricks. Three times consecutively.
He thought it was in foreword, but it was stuck in reverse. All things considered the damage is pretty minor, and thankfully we didn’t end up sunk at the dock, which is what I was expecting. The charter company has been good about the whole ordeal, but we’re still stuck in Bellingham.  And I don’t know what’s going to happen from here. 

We did head out a day after the incident, but we had someone drag down on us at 6:30 in the morning – had to pull up quick and dropped our stern tie on inati bay. We left our dinghy in tow on the way to a better anchorage, and it promptly swamped and turned into a sea anchor. We we able to right and recover it without to much trouble, but we never did find the oars. 

– a quieter spot in pleasant bay. Still windy, but sat quite comfortable with 250′ of chain out. 
We also started hearing new creaks and groans from the area of the collision – even only infer trys’l and storm jib as we were. So we’re hauling out at the beginning of the week and we’re gonna see what we can find. We have to do a lot of unpacking and moving off, though. We had only just provisioned and moved aboard, now we’re moving off again, and I don’t know where we’re going to go or how long it will take. 


5 thoughts on “Shook up Shakedown

  1. Hey there… you’ve been quiet for a long while. Just wanted to say hope things are going OK and you got your your fender-bender damage sorted out. Happy holidays and New Year to y’all. -Jim


    1. Hey Jim! Good to hear from you! Hope you had a great holiday too.

      Fiddlehead isn’t exactly figured out. The damage wasn’t really all that bad, but getting insurance and brokers and boat yards to agree on how to fix it sure is a headache.

      I don’t suppose you know anyone who wants to sell a 32? My wife says we need a little more space for our growing family.


  2. I can imagine how an insurance co., and boatyard, are a headache-producing mix. Yikes.
    Don’t know of any 32’s or similar on the market, but I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open!


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